5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Cat

BoxOn Sunday night I got home from a short vacation and found our very old, very dear cat in a terrible state. After a rush to the animal ER and a diagnosis from our specialty vet, we made the difficult decision the next day to let her go.

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About Rob Biesenbach

Rob Biesenbach helps organizations and leaders communicate with purpose, power and impact so they can achieve their business goals and enjoy more success. He’s an award-winning communications consultant, an in-demand speaker and trainer, and the author of three fun, practical books that use lessons from the world of show business to help people with their business. His latest book is Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results, on which this post is based.
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5 Responses to 5 Life Lessons I Learned From My Cat

  1. Janine says:

    Such a touching tribute, Rob. Although in our house, I feed the cat, but I am chopped liver whenever Lauro is in the room. Our little Reggie loves her boyfriend! I suspect that he sneaks her illegal treats when I am not looking.

  2. Thank you, Janine! That is funny — sometimes they do go for the new-new thing. But yeah, he’s probably sneaking her bacon on the sly …

  3. Rob, I feel your sorrow…what a lovely tribute to your furry family member

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